Astro's Game

Last week we went to the Astro's game with our friends Adrienne and Travis and their son Grayson. It was a fun day!

We had totally nose bleed seats. And with the 120 degree heat index (even with the roof of the stadium closed) we finally bailed a bit early.

It took Demi about 5 minutes before she realized that she was sitting between 2 old men. She quickly came and sat with me. :)

The first 10,000 kids in the park got free Astro's backpack. They were pretty cute. Parker turned his around and pretended to be a catcher all day. :)

Demi and Parker are waiting in line to 'race the giant baseball player'.

This is right after we lost Carson for about 10 minutes and finally found him with a policeman. Don't ask.

I found these pics online of the roof at Minute Maid Park opened and closed. I thought they were interesting so I am posting them also.

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megan said...

Very cool. Looks sweltering! All that sweaty little kid hair. I'm sure your car smelt lovely on the way home. Ha ha! On the other hand, it was freezing here a few days ago, I had to turn our heater on.....