Parker & Snorkeling

It is no secret that Parker is and has always been obsessed with ocean life. But now he is specifically obsessed with scuba diving. We finally had to find him a little snorkeling set. He was a little disappointed that the snorkel didn't have a purge (a valve on a snorkel that releases water) and he was alot disappointed that he couldn't actually scuba dive with a tank. And not a regular tank, but a rebreather specifically. Lol.

The minute he got his snorkeling set he put it on and wore it around the house for 3 days straight.

(In the picture above he combines his other obsession of being a solider. Snorkeling, backpack and a gun = Navy SEAL. Lol.)

We finally made it to the weekend and a day of swimming at our friends house. Thank goodness for Adrienne and Travis' pool! And thank goodness for Parker's new best friend Travis, who happens to be a fellow scuba diver. Parker told me the other morning that he really wants Travis to go on vacation with us next time so they can go snorkeling together. :)

Sorry Ade. I guess you aren't invited. :)

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