Parker's Camping Trip

Robert has sent me a few pictures of Parker. He is having so much fun.

I bought him a little Mag Light and Robert said he has been carrying it around on his belt loop and has been using it. So funny. Those are the 'silver turtles' that the scouts made the adults for dinner cooking on the coals. (Little hamburger patty's and potatoes wrapped in tin foil).

Now we are so excited and Robert and Parker are having so much fun that we are planning a trip with Papa as soon as we can!


Mallory said...

that is the cutest thing i have ever seen!

grams said said...

I can not beleive he is old enough and will go. I am sure being with Robert makes it all possible.He has always been such a home and mommy type guy.
Now there is hopes for Carson in the potty department right?