You HAVE to try this new mexican restaurant...

I have been meaning to blog about this new restaurant for awhile and keep forgetting.

If you live in Houston on the north side then you HAVE to try it. It is so delicious! Everything is good. My favorite thing is the Chicken Verde Enchiladas. Parker loves the Pastor Tacos. Demi loves the Chihuahua Dog. You heard me right. Hot Dogs. And they are so unbelievably good. Carson gets the kid burrito that has beans, cheese, rice and chicken in it. Everything is so fresh. It feels like you are totally eating healthy because it is not all smothered in Tex-Mex 'gravy'. I can't remember what Robert's favorite thing is... but I'm sure it's great too! Lol.

It is in a strip center off of Louetta right next to the entrance of Spring Creek Oaks. My mom and I tried it for the first time as she was on her way to the airport to fly home awhile ago and now she dreams about it. LOL.

Click HERE to go to La Casita's website and look at their yummy menu!! And don't forget to pass it along. I love when a new biz comes into the community. Especially one as good as this one. I totally want them to make it and be successful! And from the looks of it - they are having no probs so far. :)

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