"What a hoser. Eh?"

My sister Megan married a foreigner and now they have moved to his homeland. I'm so sorry that your kiddos are going to grow up finishing all sentences with the word 'eh'. And I'm so sorry that you can't tell the temp of your house because you can't read the thermostat. And what a total bummer that your iPhones don't work. You gotta get on that stat! And mostly - I am SOOO SORRY that you don't have Target there! How is that even possible? How are you going to survive, eh?

But at least this is an hour from your house...

It is so silly because they lived in Las Vegas and were far away anyway, but at least we still saw each other alot. Now it just seems like I will never see them again and it makes me all weepy. Like I'm being crazy right now. I can't even type because my eyes are tearing up. I'm going to have to make an O' Canada jar to start saving my pennies for a vaca up north!

Love you guys and can't wait to visit! Give Scarlett & Monet a big kiss from all of us! :)

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grams said said...

I could not agree more. I feel like they died! I know Canada is a good neighbor country and all, BUT it is a foreign place none the less. NO IPHONE SERVICE? What about how great social everything is? And no Target? Well we all know that is un- American! really what is a girl going to do. Clay for a guy everyone loves so much, you are not very high on a Wilson list for taking our girls so far from civilization and us.I feel like you are living behind the iron curtain! Beautiful place to visit, but would not want to live there.