Destination Petco

The kiddos have been obsessed with pets lately. They started out with wanting a puppy until I made it clear that we would not be getting a dog until we were all done having babies in our house. So then they quickly moved on to other animals...

Parker wanted to check out the reptiles and confirm that he still wanted a snake. He looked at tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, lizards and 3 kinds of snakes. He is still desperate for a python or boa constrictor. Nope. Not gonna happen. We are starting smaller then that. And after mommy researches a little bit more - maybe a garter snake will come his way. Only time will tell. :)

Carson was in heaven because he had his very own shopping cart to push around. Of course he needed something in it to push around - so I had to put my purse in it and keep making sure he didn't leave his cart somewhere. He was most interested in the fish and the stinky puppies that they were trying to find homes for.

And if I could make a suggestion to the peeps at Petco trying to place these doggies... Clean up the pee that is all over the floor and spray a whole lotta Febreze everywhere!! Maybe someone will actually want to take one home then!

Here is Demi scoping out the parakeet and cage situation. She decided she wants a light blue bird and a pink and white cage. I am trying to convince her to get the white cage that I want because it will match the decorating in her room better. :) Is that bad? Stifling her creativity and her decision making abilities like that? Oh well. I am still gonna work on her. Or maybe I will just buy it and bring it home. She might learn to love it one day as much as I do. :)


Tiffany said...

love the pics!! They crack me up!! It made me realize how much I missed them last weekend!! :(

Robert said...

Im looking a bit like a clumsy fat man....might be time to tighten up the belt.