Parker wants this...

Parker is obsessed with getting a snake. He talks about it and plans it all day long, every day. He wants a python or a boa constrictor. I told him that he was not old enough to have a snake that big and that if he wanted one he would have to start with a nice little snake like a garter snake. We researched it a bit and found out what snakes eat and it confirmed even more that there will NEVER be a python or boa constrictor living in our house. I knew they ate mice, but I didn't know how involved it was. Dead, frozen mice are the best. You have to thaw them in the fridge. If they won't eat them you dip them in chicken broth. If they still won't you poke their head to expose their brain. WHAT!!?? Nasty!!!!!

So the other day Parker finally conceded and told me that he would in fact be ok with a garter snake AT FIRST so we wouldn't have to 'expose the brain' of the food we fed the snake. And that he would be ok getting a garter snake that we could feed either worms or cat food to.

Oh thank goodness. What a relief. :)

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