I miss the seasons...

It was cold and windy and snowy the whole time. It was perfect. I miss the seasons so bad. And I miss being able to wear my Uggs and coats!

Below is a picture of something that our swing set will never see. About 18 inches of snow on top of it. It cracked me up. Our friends have the exact same swing set as us - but I guess theirs will never be through a hurricane like ours has been. By the way, our swing set is loose and rocks a ton when Demi swings now. It makes me wonder if the wind during Ike loosened all the bolts or something...?

Since there are so many of us now we had to take 2 or 3 cars everywhere we went. We are so lucky that we had a 4-wheel drive and took the Jeep instead of our van. The roads were snow packed and ice the whole time. Which of course we loved! Robert's mom would have died! She wouldn't have been able to leave the house one time. We saw plenty of cars off the road and facing the opposite way on the highway over the course of the week.