A Few Twilight Tidbits


The cover art has been released and we have been given a tentative DVD release date of March 21st. That's only a four month turn-around from the theatrical release.


After weeks of speculation and weeks of Taylor Lautner working his poor booty off to keep his role - they have finally decided that he will return as Jacob. I am so glad. And I was one of the very skeptical ones when I heard he was cast originally. But I think he did a really good job. I have read that Summit's biggest concern - other then how to make him change physically so much for the part - is that practically the whole movies success rests on his chemistry with Kristen Stewart. And that in order for the 'love triangle' and 'emotional suspense' to be pulled off while Edward is away, the chemistry between Jacob and Bella has to be as strong as Edward's and Bella's. What a lot of pressure for a 16 year old!


I guess now the only bummer for me is the change in director from Catherine Hardwicke to Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, About A Boy, American Pie). I liked the feel of Twilight alot and would hate for it to have a whole different vibe. For instance, I remember a couple of franchises - Batman, Harry Potter - where it really bothered me. Oh well, it could be even better. We will see. November 20th to be exact! I am guessing that they will release them all one year apart - so it looks like every year for the next 3 years Robert and I will be spending our anniversary checking out the latest installment of Twilight at the movies. Just like we did this year. :)

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mallory said...

i'm so excited i dan't stand it!!! i'm glad it is only a year apart and I'M SO GLAD TEHY ARE KEEPING TAYLOR....it would just be weird if they changed cast memebers..