You can't find this good of a white elephant exchange just anywhere!

I have to say that one of the most memorable things we did this year for Christmas was our white elephant exchange on Christmas Eve. It was so fun and hilarious! Since our extended family is so huge now we had Christmas Eve alone with just our immediate family. Just my parents, siblings and their little families. We went to Sundance for a delicious and festive dinner and then came home to hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, Christmas jammies - and after the kids went to bed - the white elephant exchange!

This bad boy was the hit of the night - everyone kept fighting over it. :) It had to replace one of my mom's Christmas plates on the mantle for the rest of the week. Luckily there was an Obama mug and calendar still in the mix. In addition to some other favorites... A set of ghetto Pimp & Ho drinking glasses, the book Stuff White People Like and a set of static clings to carry in your car that say "You park like s*@t!"

My dad had to represent by getting my mom a t-shirt that said something slamming Obama. I think he is hoping she will wear it to the gym. Pretty sure that is not going to happen! I think he wonders what went wrong and how all his kids turned out to be bleeding heart liberals like their mom. :) Of course we are all pretty sure he voted for Obama also - but he wont tell us - it is like a fun little family mystery!

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