Tonight Parker was making something with the tags that came off his new jeans and he told me that he was making friendship bracelets. Robert asked him if he was going to give him one and he looked at Robert and said, "Well... They are not really friendship bracelets. They are 'cousin'ship bracelets." I thought it was so cute.

He really loves having Demi with us. They fight alot, but I know that he would be devastated if Demi suddenly did not live with us anymore. Tonight Parker and I were also snuggling in the chair and I was telling him what a lucky mommy I am to have such a cute and smart kid and he said, "Yep. Are you just so happy that you have 3 children?" First it always cracks me up when he uses words like 'children' instead of just kids like I did, and second it made me think how cute it is how he includes Demi as such a big part of our family.

I truly AM the luckiest mommy/aunt on the planet! :)

And a quick Demi story...

This morning I walked past the bathroom on my way to wake Demi up and she opened the bathroom door real quick and jumped out of the dark, yelling "Surprise"! She was laughing and told me that she got up early and got dressed, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair to surprise me. It was so funny! Especially considering how she usually is in the morning.

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