2 days and counting...

We are getting down to the final hours... About 48 hours from now we will be on the road on our way to Utah! Yea! We are very excited. And FINALLY today Provo woke up in a winter wonderland. I hope the snow sticks around. This coming Saturday, the day after we get there, it is supposed to be a high of 16. Wow! How quickly I have forgot how to live in Utah - because that seems very C-O-L-D! Cold and FUN that is!


Melissa & Jim said...

Good luck with the drive, Hil. Luckily Melissa and I live far enough away that we can't drive there! Phew!!

I will be thinking of you guys and your 30 hour drive while I am playing my Gameboy on the flight, sipping a Pepsi. haha.

We are so excited to see you guys!

tHe BrOwn FaMiLy said...

Well even though it will be freezing cold. You will hopefully have a winter wonderland to celebrate Christmas in. We are missing the snow so much! We wish we could live some where near it again and have it really feel like Christmas. We hope that you enjoy your visit. Happy Holidays.