The Price of Gas

This is the gas station on the corner by our house. I bet this guy is sick of the price of gas rising! He is out there every morning it seems!

And by the way. People probably think I am a nut job! I feel like a perv taking pictures of people all over the place without their knowledge! I'm pretty sure it is illegal. I hope I don't go to jail for it someday. But then I think... The paparazzi do it ALL the time! I am just your basic 'normal person' paparazzi. I am constantly whipping out my camera to take pictures like this that crack me up or fascinate me all the time now. I guess I'd better start posting all the pictures and stories I am accumulating or it will all be for nothing!

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grams said said...

This is the kind of picture that makes your blog so specail. You give us the heart beat of your life. I love it! I can smell that air and feel it on my skin, damp and Houston-ish.Keep up the good bloging.