Missing My Family...

My grandma emailed me this photo this morning. It is a photo of Mother's Day at my grandparents house in Provo, Utah. In the picture are my parents, grandparents, one of my sisters, one of my aunts and assorted cousins, spouses and their kids... It's probably only about half of the people who were actually there. I ALWAYS miss my family but this morning, looking at this, is the first time I have have really missed Utah. I can picture what it would feel, smell and look like to step outside. Especially at my grandparents. If you stood outside the window in that picture you would be smack-dab RIGHT at the base of a beautiful canyon with mountians shooting straight up in the air, looking down over the WHOLE valley and a big beautiful lake. Every time I am gone for awhile and then go back I am always stunned and reminded of how beautiful it is there and it always reminds me of how I take the beauty of it for granted when I am there for a long period of time.

In a couple of weeks it will be a year since I have been there! Wow! Time goes by so fast! I guess I know the limit of how long I can go without getting to Utah for a dose of beautiful weather, beautiful mountains and quality time with family! We sure miss everybody!

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holly said...

I was going to post this same picture, it makes me sad as well Hil. Families are the best.