The Grabber!

The 'grabber' is a favorite in our house. I pops up here and there all the time. The other night I told Carson to give everyone a kiss night-night and to get his doggie so I could take him up to go to bed... It took him awhile because he insisted on getting doggie with the grabber! And its not like it was sitting right next to him. He just got it in his head that he NEEDED the grabber! He was standing right next to his doggie, left to get the grabber, then ran back to actually USE the grabber! What goes on in his mind!?

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mal said...

your kids are sooo cute. i miss them so much! they probably wont even remember who i am by the time i see them next...so sad!

And guess how much gas is here?!?? $4.23 is a good price but yesturday we had to spend $4.33 a gallon.....OH BUT ITS WORTH IT!