The Sing-Off on NBC

Oh my gosh. I am so addicted to The Sing Off on NBC! I marked it on my calendar awhile ago so we wouldn't miss it because I thought it looked good and it would be fun to watch as a family. Well last night it finally came on and now we are all HOOKED! It is the perfect family show. And it is the perfect holiday show because it is so uplifting and happy. Nick Lachey does a good job and I like the judges - even with the paula-esque woman judge. Ben Folds is GREAT. I heart him!

Click HERE to visit their website. You can also watch the whole season premiere from last night HERE. Believe me. It is worth the time to watch it and get caught up.

The kids were dying the whole time begging me to find the songs to buy so I could put them on their iPods. Lol. I told them I would get them today when they are made available. But last night when I looked I stumbled upon their Christmas album. Lol. Yep they already have a Christmas album released. And its great! Click HERE to get their music.

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