Demi's 12th Birthday

I have been such a horrible blogger lately. I have totally missed everything over the last several months. Since I was posting Carson's birthday pictures I figured I needed to post Demi's really quick too.

Demi started out the day by dressing appropriately for school with a Team Jacob t-shirt on! :) And then that night she had a Twilight (Team Jacob) party for her 12th birthday. :) It was a slumber party. And as you can see below...

...her cake was ghetto-fabulous!

Demi had decided that she wanted a red velvet cake. And she desperately wanted a real Twilight picture on it. So since Mallory is such a baker extrodinarre we decided that she should make it! My contribution was finding the cake topper picture on etsy. Let's just say that the cake didn't quite live up to expectations. Lol. We gave Mallory enough grief to last a lifetime. Even though it wasn't really her fault. I am sure it was the Houston humidity! ;)

That is what we get for skipping a year of RJ Goodie tradition!

But it was still delicious!

And we were so flattered and excited that Taylor Lautner would stop by and hang out with us too!

The whole time Mallory was cutting the cake he was totally checking out her butt!

After pizza, cake and gifts the girls went upstairs to hang out. All they needed was a smoke machine to complete the club vibe!

For an activity we made dream catchers and we also had 'puppy chow' or 'wolf chow'. ;)

And Taylor was so nice to sign autographs for everyone!


Robin said...

Demi I loved looking at these birthday pictures with you! You had such a fun party and everything was so cute! You are almost a teenager! I love you. Mommy Grandma

benilhalk said...

Demi's 12th Birthday looks freaking awesome. That cake is way too creative. In fact the entire party was superbly planned as well as executed. My niece wanted a spa party for her 14th birthday so we all planned a surprise for her. Booked the most suitable garden themed event space Chicago for her girls only spa party which all of the girls enjoyed to the fullest.