The Pillars of the Earth Mini Series

For those of you who have read Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth. Did you know that they have made an 8 part mini-series on Starz that begins on July 23rd? Click HERE to watch the trailer!

I started the book but never finished it. And it is not that I didn't like it - something just came up at the time and I couldn't read for awhile or something. Now I have to go back and read it over in the next 10 days! And add Starz to my cable package. ...or find some other way to watch it. :)


grams said said...

I am so excited!
I will tell everyone that I know read the book.
Thanks for the allert!

Kinsey Pistorius said...

LOVED this book and the one after it, I couldn't put either down. Didn't know about the miniseries and I don't have starz either... can't wait for his next book series out this fall!

megan\ said...

No way!!!!! I read the book. Can't wait!!!!!!