Grease Sing-A-Long

This week I went to see Grease with some girlfriends. And it was a sing-a-long. It was so fun! It cracked me up seeing it on the big screen for the first time in over 30 years!! It was fascinating. I learned so much! I saw detail that I had never seen before. The detail on all of their clothes was amazing, or for instance - remember when they were at the lunch table outside and Marty says "Double doo doo. One of my diamonds fell in the macaroni." Well to see those glasses up close and personal. It was awesome. I actually saw what they looked like for the first time. Or I should say - I actually paid attention to all the little details as an adult - rather then the 6 year old I was at the time when the movie came out. Another thing I realized was what babes Danny & Kenickie were! You can just grasp all their foxiness so much more on the big screen. We were cracking up because one of the girls that was sitting behind us said under her breath at one time, "I mean - look at his lips!" talking about John Travolta. LOL. I also realized that Rizzo really stole the show. And the whole cast was freakin' old! Who were they trying to fool. Like literally, some of the extras at Rydell must have been in their late 30's. They didn't even care if they looked young.

Another thing I noticed was how naughty alot of it was. Who knew? Especially the whole Greased Lightning scene. There were words in that song that I have never even noticed. It was pretty clever how the did the words for the songs on screen. It was all animated with really clever graphics. And when there was a naughty word... lets say one that rhymed with 'pits'... They would put a little hand drawn illustration of a cow with an arrow pointed at her 'utter'. LOL. The whole theatre was cracking up.

It is also so funny the way you think of things when you are a kid. Or really I should say how your parents 'trick' you when you are a kid... Like you know that 'lucky penny' that Kenickie gets out of his pocket when Rizzo and him are getting 'frisky' in the back seat of his car. Well guess what? It isn't actually a 'lucky penny'... ;)

Two last thoughts... I REALLY wish I had pair of sunglasses just like Rizzo's and every girl out there should totally buy the sing-a-long version on DVD as soon as it comes out. You won't be disappointed!

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