All I can say is wow.

Can you imagine what she has been going through? I mean - I know people all over go through personal stuff every day. But they don't have to do it in front of the whole country. Just think of the timeline...

They find out they are getting a baby during the whole awards season stress. They bring him home in January and are going to keep it a secret until after the Oscars. Then 7 days after the Oscars the cheating scandal breaks - which she says she had NO idea about. She leaves immediately with as many clothes as she can gather and all of the baby's items. Then she has to stay in total hiding until now - when in the same People article she reports that she is divorcing and finalizing the adoption as a single parent.

Wow. Crazy. I have always loved her anyway - but the way she has handled all of it seems pretty darn classy to me. Poor Jesse James and his kids. He really screwed up. It is so sad. Maybe he can get help from his addiction and they can get married again. They really do seem like soul mates. It is so sad for all of them. :(

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Kinsey Pistorius said...

Never thought those two together seemed right. He definitely seems better suited for his mistress! This baby will be so healing for her and I'm happy for her too. :)