Quotes of the Day

Last night Parker was writing sentences for his homework and he made up a sentence that had the word 'to' and 'too' in it. I was impressed that he knew the difference and we started talking about it. Here is just some of the exchange...

Robert: "Parker. Too is the same as saying also."
Parker: "Dad. It’s not a pronoun."
Me: "What’s a pronoun?"
Parker: "It takes the place of another word."

He is so funny and it amazes me every day how much he is learning. He is starting to love to read and it makes me so happy! This morning on the way to school he said, "I want to see if I can get a chapter in really quick." So he intently read the whole way. So cute. I guess he just really can't wait to see how the mystery unfolds with the Marshmallow Monster in his book! :)

Speaking of books... Parker has a book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the movie is about to be released. The commercials are on tv all the time now and the kids talk about it and want to see it. Carson, on the other hand, is really looking forward to seeing Diarrhea of an Olympic Kid. Lol.


megan said...

That is so so cute. He is so smart.

Mallory said...

i guarantee half of my 8th graders i teach couldn't even tell you what a pronoun is......parker is so cute