Guess who is potty trained?

Yep. It is awesome! And all it took was one day of us refusing to put a diaper on him. He would beg and cry for a diaper. I had a stack of underwear and clothes at the end of the day that needed to be washed - but wa-laa! Success! For the last 2 days he has worn underwear the whole day and has woke up with a totally dry diaper in the morn. It is so darling to see him run to the potty yelling, "I have to go potty!" all the time.

No more buying diapers. No more buying tons of wipes and poopy diaper bags. No more jammies that smell like pee in the morning. No more stinky garage! I am in heaven. And he is so proud!

Apparently 4 years and 3 months was the magic age for Carson! Whew!


Megan said...

No way!!! So that was the answer. How funny. I knew someone who potty trained their kids by having them go NAKED (all day, even in the car...) until they went on the toilet.

He looks so cute in that picture. A kid with a gun, sweat wrist band, army helmet and sucker needs to be wearing underwear. Ha ha.

Robert said...


grams said said...

He is so cute. You are a very smart mom to give him the time he needed. How sad, now he is a big boy!