Say No To Drugs

The kids had Red Ribbon Week at school last week. Every day had a theme that went with some cute slogan about saying no to drugs. Here are a few cute pics:

Favorite Team Shirt Day -

Silly Sock Day -

Take a look at these bad boys... They are the best. I was trying to find some socks for Parker at midnight in Walmart the night before and it was near impossible. All of the 'silly socks' were girly. But then a little beam of light shone down on these beauties on my way out. A little divine intervention... Yea! Parker loved them.

Demi had decided well in advance that she wanted to wear one long and one short sock. It is funny how much the little things are so exciting to kids.

Penny & Cap Day -

Parker kept telling me, "Mom. We have to bring pennies for REALLY, REALLY sick kids."

The other 2 days were School Spirit Day (they wore their school shirts) and Slipper Day (they got to wear slippers).

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grams said said...

seriously, your kids have the best life. Don't you feel sorry for children that can't live like yours? A real mom a real dad and cute sibs and a great school and neighborhood. What more can a kid ask than to have a mom that will go to walmart at midnight to find silly socks. lucky lucky loved kids!!!