My darling little old man...

I never watch the news in front of the kids. Ever. I don't want them to see and hear all the depressing stuff going on in life and have total anxiety about it like I did when I was younger. But earlier tonight it happened to be on and I didn't think about it. The next thing I know - Parker is sitting on the coffee table watching and yells to me, "Mom! There are elections going on!"

I told him it was not an election for the president like last time, but a smaller election for different leaders like mayors and governors and stuff. He then said, "Oh mom! I know what a mayor does. He is the principle of the city." Lol. He is so hilarious.

So that brings us to now... I just heard Parker say to Robert, "I am going to start watching the local 2 news." What!? He is only 6! :) He is so funny! And the thing that is the funniest about it is that he is totally serious and would recall everything and repeat it back to me 2 days later after he pondered it. That's Parker in a nutshell right there!

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grams said said...

Parker is so smart. You will need to start saving your money because he will want to do all things egghead. (like Gregory)