My brother the attorney!

This morning my brother found out that he passed the New York State Bar. Way to go Jim! I am sooo excited for you! What a huge accomplishment!

And not only did he pass he got a very high score! The world is your oyster!

All his hard work and dedication has lead him here...

...where this week he will be going to Manhattan to look for a bad ass place for him and his wife Melissa to live. To say that I am jealous is an understatement. :)

And I can't close this post without mentioning his wife Melissa's new job. She has just accepted a position at a hedge fund in Greenwich, Connecticut. Yet another example of what hard work, good grades and a great education can do for you. The will live in the city and Melissa will work in Greenwich and Jim will work in Morristown, New Jersey.

Fun stuff! I can't wait to come visit! And again, congrats to you BOTH!! :)


Robin said...

Love your post!Can't wait to hear about their adventures! Love,Mom

grams said said...

Love your post Hil. We are so proud of both Jim and Melissa. What a good pair they make.
I know they will love the city.