It Was A Big & Eventful Day Yesterday! :)

Demi got her braces on!!



And the orthodontist office gave her this cute hoodie. She loves it and can't wait until it gets cool outside so she can wear it with her jeans and new black tennis shoes.

As soon as we left the office we drove to McDonalds. She was going to get a milk shake but decided to try to eat something. The first bite was a french fry and she said to me, "It feels like something fell off." I kept telling her that it might feel like that and it will take several days to get used to it. About 5 minutes later she said, "No Hilarie. I think something fell off." So I looked and sure enough! One of the brackets had fallen off and was sliding around on the wire. All I thought was 'Great. My life living at the ortho has officially begun'. Lol.

Anyway, we went back and they said that a bracket falling off NEVER happens. They fixed it and we were on our way. I gave Demi some Advil and she went to school. By last night she was feeling pretty uncomfortable. I went to the grocery store and got some 'soft' stuff for her to eat and today she stayed home from school. You know how hard she takes things. :(

So Demi is now on her way to a straight and brite white smile! Fun stuff!

Oh... and by the way... after looooong and careful consideration - she decided to go with blue and pink rubber bands for her first set. :)


grams said said...

POOR U! It will be a rocky ride for all of you. Lucky girl to be able to have beautiful teeth.

Hilarie said...

tell me about it. what a nightmare already. you should see her mouth. so cut up and sore! i feel sooo sorry for her. it just took my like 30 minutes to get wax on a few spots. :(

andrea said...

The brackets ripping up the mouth is the worst part! Just keep the wax on it.

Your ortho said that brackets never fall off?! How wierd. Riley had one fall off in her first month, and I had two fall off, right at the end.