Demi's 11th Birtday Party!

Demi decided to have her party at home this year. She decided on 'pink skulls' for her theme. It was the cutest thing ever! She loved it and so did I! We had so much fun getting everything together. My mom, my sister Megan & her two kiddos, Scarlett & Monet came in town and we had so much fun - except for the fact that Parker and Carson were both sick. Poor little fellas! They had to be secluded up in our bedroom while the festivities were happening. Damn Swine Flu! (Not that they had it - but everyone was worried about it!)

Demi got lots of fun stuff, but her very favorite gift was her two parakeets - Diamond & Sparkle - that she got from my mom and dad. Her favorite until about 24 hours after her party when she didn't look at them again... Now she wants me to list them on Craig's List so she can get the money and buy Wii and DS games. What the hell!!? That is the last time I fall for the 'can I get a pet' routine!!


grams said said...

What a cool party!!! I loved all the pink and black stuff. It must have taken awhile to get it all together. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I love how Monet has a pacifier in each hand. Just in case.


andrea said...

Very cute. I had to laugh at the birds and your comments! That is hilarious. Have you gotten rid of them yet?