A little Carson catch-up...

Over the last couple of weeks Carson has started saying the funniest things over and over. A couple of my favorites are that he says, "Oh Dear!" all the time. Every time he spills or drops something. If he makes a mistake. I have NO IDEA where he got it, but it cracks me up. The other thing is that he prefaces almost everything he says with, "Oh. Good idea mom." For example, "Oh. Good idea mom! I'm gonna get a cookie." or "Oh. Good idea mom! I'm gonna play on the computer." It is so funny. He must think that everything that crosses his mind is, in fact, a good idea! :)

One other hilarious thing he said lately was a week ago or so. My mom has been here and my dad came in town on biz for a couple of days. We told Carson that he was coming and he looked at us all confused (because he calls my mom grandPA) and looked at us and said, "You mean that other grandpa. The dad one." Lol.

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