The First Day of School

The first day of school was a hot and steamy morning. Kinda like every morning in H-Town! The problem is that you can't whip your camera out and take a quick picture because it fogs up instantly. Anyone that lives in Houston knows this a will plan ahead. :) Unfortunately - getting the camera out ahead of time and letting it 'acclimate' on the grill in the backyard for 5 minutes still didn't do the trick. So the morning 'first day of school' pictures were all foggy. Oh well. By the time we got to school it had cleared up!

We had to park so, so far away and walk to the school because there were so many cars. By the time we got to the doors, Demi's hair was flat as a pancake and we were dripping with sweat. Carson was looking for alligators in the bayou the whole time. Lol. My brother Jim used to fish in that bayou when he was little. :)

Here is Demi's classroom. You can see her at the very right of the picture getting ready to sit down at her desk. She is in 4th grade this year and it is the first year that she is mainstreamed completely into a 'regular' classroom. We will see how it goes. She still has someone come in to assist her with her core classes like math and reading.

Here is Parker's classroom. He is in 1st grade this year. You can see him at his desk in the center of the picture.

They are loving school even though they have a very hard time getting up in the morning so early again! That is the only time of day they hate it. :)

Demi just got a call from the music teacher at school, Mrs. Farmer. She called to tell me that she is soooo impressed with Demi's voice and maturity and that she would LOVE to have Demi in her choir, so Demi goes every Tuesday and Thursday morning before school. Cute! Demi loves it and is so proud! And next week she is going to sign up for Girl Scouts. Parker signed up to be a Tiger Cub last week with the pack that meets at Kuehnle. He will start Cub Scouts next year. Robert signed up to be his Tiger Cub leader. What!? :) It cracks me up! Take a guess as to who is probably going to end up doing all the work?

This year the kids decided to ride the bus and they love it. My other goal is to get them to buy lunch every day, but that has not yet come to pass. Parker is scared to death of the lunch ladies! I might have to get to the bottom of that. But I have a feeling that lunch ladies are just that way. There is just no changing them. Kinda like post office workers or DMV workers. Just plain mean! It is genetically impossible for them to be nice and polite.

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