New Moon Edward

Unless you are a crazy person like me, you may not be able to tell the difference between New Moon Edward and Twilight Edward. But there is a difference! :) His hair, make-up, clothes and the color of his eyes have all been changed a bit for New Moon. It will interesting to see how it all comes out.

And then it will be SUPER interesting to see how Edward looks in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! At first I was so irritated that they decided to use a different director for each film - but now that I have become used to the idea I think it is kind of fun to see the different 'visions' come alive.

I have to say that I think New Moon Edward fits a little better with how I thought of him in the books. A little more refined, classy and mature. Not so much the 'bad-boy' type. And you have to remember that my opinion doesn't come from the pic above. It comes from very careful observation on a few good fan sites. Yep. I admit it! I am crazy! :)

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