Fishy Jail

We still have the pregnant fish epidemic going on in our tank. When I talked to the fish store last I asked them again about it and he said that Mollies are ALWAYS pregnant. Right now we have about 3 or 4 that are I think. We haven't seen babies in awhile so they must get gobbled up pretty quick. Then the other night I noticed that you can actually see the little babies through the body of one of the fish so Robert went to the store and got a net breeder! LOL. Now we are some sort of make-shift fish hatchery. It cracks me up.

Carson is fascinated and comes up to me every 5 minutes to tell me he is going to check on the fish that is in 'jail'. Robert had to explain to him what the net is for and why the mommy fish is in it... so now he goes to check on the fish in the 'hospital'.

In these pics he is reading his fish book while checking on her. The poor lonely fishy. As soon as she has them then we will put her back in the tank and her 'fry' will be all snugly and protected in their net until they have doubled in size.

Believe me - we will only be doing this once. :) I am not going to have 120 tiny Mollies swimming around in our tank. I don't even like Mollies. They are boring compared to some of the rad fish we could have.

Oh well... we will see what happens and I will def keep you posted!