It's that time again...

School starts on Monday and you know what that means... Shopping for a new backpack and lunch box. It's a fun little annual ritual. Demi's selections are above. She really wanted the backpack with skulls & crossbones on it, but I convinced her to go the other 'teenage looking backpack' route. Thank goodness she agreed. :)

And Parker's lunchbox is below. He had to have the GI Joe lunchbox even though he is too young to know about the old school GI Joe, and is too young to see the new GI Joe movie. And it's so sad, but the backpack that Parker wants is on backorder until the middle of September. He is so conflicted because he wants it so bad, but he wants a new one on the first day of school. Poor guy. :(

Below is a picture of the one he wants. He wanted a camo one and we found this one. I love it because it is cute-sy and doesn't look like he is leaving me in uniform for a long tour overseas like some of the hideously ugly ones that he was looking at.

So other then it being sold out right now, it is a win-win situation. :)


andrea said...

I heart back to school time!!! :) My kids all started this morning, it's just me and the littlest home now! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! Except I do think I'll have a cleaner house...or at least have a goal to have a cleaner house. ;)

Cute backpacks! I agree with you on that skull and crossbone thing....why? I don't let my kids have any of it either. I love the lizard camo. Jared ended up with a messenger bag instead of a backpack this year. He's quite particular for a 6 year old!

Well done on the new blog look....it's very cute!

grams said said...

hold out for this backpack if you can. It's a keeper. Demie made the right choice no doubt about it.

tHe BrOwn FaMiLy said...

It's been so much fun doing back to school shopping!! Cute backpacks.