UNDER CONSTRUCTION... (and some fish news!)

Oh my gosh. What have I done? I have to move forward now because I can't go back. I mean this literally. I have jacked up my blog so bad. Only time will fix it. :(

It is going to take me days to get it how I want it. But it's ok. I wanted a change - and a change I'm gonna get. The only problem is trying to get used to a 2 column blog instead of a 3 column. We'll see...

By the way! What a cute little surprise we got tonight! As I was turning off the light in the fish tank I saw a tiny little baby hiding in a plant. It was a total freaky thing that I saw it because it is only as big as a grain of rice. Then after a looooong time of Robert and I staring at it - we saw 2 more. Cute. I hope they are still there in the morning so the kids can see. :) They will either have been gobbled up by then or there will be a ton of the little guys because I read up on it and usually a Molly has between 20 and 40 live young at one time.

As of now there are 2 black & white ones and one orange one. Cute little fellas!

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tHe BrOwn FaMiLy said...

It's looking good!! Thanks for the inspration to finally change ours!! I was getting tired of it. Good luck with yours!