A Shout Out to my Brother!

I had to post a quick GOOD LUCK to my brother Jim who is taking the New York State Bar tomorrow and Wednesday. I know you will do great and all of your hard work will pay off! :) Now go and break a leg!

A couple of interesting little fun facts:

- the test is 6 hours each day. the first day focusing on New York law and the second focusing on all other states.

- he had to travel to Buffalo and stay in a hotel to take it. i think there are only 3 places in the state that give the test.

- they expect about 2 thousand to be taking it were Jim is, with a total of about 6 thousand taking it statewide.

- he can only bring a clear water bottle with him or a juice box.

- the bar is only administered 2 times a year.

- he will not find out the results of the test until November.

- he can't wear a hat. which he says he is concerned with because it has been a major part of his studying strategy! :)


grams said said...

what a cool up-date. Now I can get excited for him. GO JIM!!

Clayton, Megan, Monet and Scarlett said...

wow! i'll send him good vibes....