A little info for Wilson family & friends...

A quick update about my mom and dad. They are moving into their new place on Thursday so they will have a new address. If any of you need their contact info, just give them a call or leave a comment w/ your email address and I will get it to you.

For those of you familiar w/ Provo - they are not moving far from their old place - they have bought a loft in the Riverwoods. If you know my mom, you know it is quite a change for them, but they are really excited. My mom has spent the last couple of months picking out all the renovations and planning the decorating. I am super excited to see it all done!! Hopefully we will be able to visit for Thanksgiving. :)

Below are 2 pics from before they bought it to give you an idea. The lofts are above store fronts. It will be a really fun change for them! I will have to post pictures of what they have done to the place as soon as I get some. :)

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andrea said...

How fun! I have always thought those lofts were so adorable. I hope they have a great time. If I lived there I'd be broke.....between Borders and Magelby's.....big trouble!