Quotes of the Day

I ran a couple of errands this morning and when I pulled up and opened the garage door Carson ran out to meet me...

Me: "Hi buddy. I missed you."

Carson: "No. I not buddy. I son. My daddy calls me son."

Robert has never called either of the boys 'son'. Not one time. LOL. Where Carson comes up with this stuff - I have no idea. :)

And -

Carson: "Mommy. Look at me! Look at me!
(turning my head with both of his hands to look at him)
Are your glasses mad?"

I guess these are 'mad' glasses. Maybe that is why they were only 6 bucks at Old Navy. I mean they are pretty ugly - but I didn't think they were mad. I just thought they looked like alien eyes. I keep them in my pool bag. But now apparently I have to either throw them away or risk scaring Carson for life.

Oh well. 6 dollar glasses are 6 dollar glasses. I am sure he will get over it. :)

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grams said said...

very fun post...
Carson is a hoot....I really enjoy your new style.