Parker Quote of the Day

The other day I ordered Parker some harvester ants online for his ant farm. He has been waiting for them to come in the mail and finally yesterday they arrived... all dead. It was so sad. He was so upset. We had to explain to him that if they got too hot or too cold in the mail they would not survive. We promised that we would get some more. Now I don't know what to do because it is so damn hot here! The day before yesterday was the hottest on record in the last 2 years. And that is saying alot for Houston!

Anyway... on to the quote...

This morning while we were snuggling he was telling me how he was going to tell his friends that they could not turn the ceiling fan on in his room and when I asked why he said, "Because I am going to tell them that the ants can not have extensive hot or extensive cold."

So funny and cute!

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