I'm not bitter at all.

I'm so jealous right now. I have been seriously sad and depressed today because my parents and sisters and their fams are in California. Everyone but my brother Jim and his wife and us. That is what we get for living so far away!

Today I got to hear how much fun they had going on their Segway tour around Balboa Island and how much fun they are going to have tomorrow when they rent a boat to cruise around Newport Beach Harbor.

Why don't you try to fit Disneyland in while you are there and poor salt on my papercut while you are at it.

I hope you guys continue to have grand 'ole time while we are here in humidity hell and poor Jim and Melissa are stuck in a law library in Syracuse. Don't worry about us. We will all be fine. And I promise. There are no hard feelings...

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grams said said...

You and your blog make my day!! I love it all, even the Twilight stuff.And yes, Parker crackes me up as well.