It's Here! The New Moon Trailer...

Click HERE to see it in HD on MySpace's Trailer Park. Pretty cool!

And I must say... I am totally seeing the Team Jacob point of view. He looks great! I think it is exciting to give Edward a little run for his money! :)

Now, with all that being said, let me give you a more specific breakdown of what I think...

I don't like the characters hair and make-up nearly as much, and the Cullen house I don't care for, and I don't think Edward looks as good in those scenes - but he is supposed to be conflicted and miserable, so I can let that slide... :) And the whole color/feel of the movie just seems different - but that was to be expected with a new director. And I know it was just a small snip of the whole movie and in the early filming stages so I shouldn't be so critical. The scenes that they filmed in Twilight first were the worst scenes in that movie as well. They got progressivley better as they filmed before. I'm sure they just got this together as quick as possible to have it out for the awards.

But the whole Jacob house - body - wolf - storyline... AWESOME! And with the bigger budget, better special effects, wolves and Italy... I can't wait to see the finished project!

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Tiffany said...

ME EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got our date night on the calendar already!! cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!