My Life Sucks

Ok. We just got the call. The kids school has been closed for 2 WEEKS because of a SUSPECTED case of Swine Flu. What the hell! I am so depressed. As of this morning there were only 10 schools in and around Houston closed and only 2 had confirmed cases. And why for 2 weeks! Why don't they just do 1 week and see what happens? But what do I know. I'm not the CDC.

We were at dinner the other night with our friend and he was saying that he was so worried because if they closed their school he didn't know what they would do because they both work. Most of these kids are going to have to go somewhere else for care in a less monitored environment. Anyway. It could be alot worse I guess. I shouldn't complain.

Oh, and by the way... Carson and Parker are both sick. I'm pretty sure they have Swine Flu.

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grams said said...

The spokeswomen for the "swine flew" what ever her title was on TV yesterday saying they had over reacted. YA THINK! they said in most cases it was no worse than any other flew. Sory your kids are sick, real sad they must stay home 2 weeks. Poor families that have both parents working, those poor little kids will be the ones to suffer.