Carson at this very second...

Poor guy. He has to make his own fun. He needs preschool in a BAD WAY! He asked me for tape and I didn't know why. A couple of minutes later I look up and this is what I see.

(while I was uploading these photos he hopped up and said, "I done now. I hungry!" and ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge for the 20th time this morning. the make-shift easel lasted about 4 minutes. i want to pull my hair out.)

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grams said said...

You may need to pull your hair out, but we all enjoy a blog like this so much it is well worth the hair pulling. Remember only two short years and Carson will be the teacher at school's problem. That poor little boy most likely has a wonderful brain that is not being challenged enough and that is why he gets into so much trouble all day.Just keep on blogging ok!