Swine Flu in a Nutshell

I thought this was a concise and interesting update as of today...

Deaths: 159, all in Mexico, with seven confirmed as swine flu and rest suspected. One confirmed in the U.S., a 23-month-old Texas child.

Sickened: 2,498 suspected and 19 confirmed in Mexico. 66 confirmed in U.S. Elsewhere, 13 confirmed in Canada; two confirmed in Scotland; 14 confirmed in New Zealand; two confirmed in Spain; and two confirmed in Israel.

U.S. cases: Confirmed by CDC: 45 in New York, 11 in California, six in Texas, two in Kansas, and one each in Indiana and Ohio.

In Mexico: All schools suspended until May 6. In Mexico City, surgical masks given to subway passengers, public events canceled, public venues closed and church services postponed.

In U.S: U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues emergency guidance allowing certain antiviral drugs to be used. Public health emergency declared and roughly 12 million doses of Tamiflu to be delivered to states. Nonessential travel to Mexico discouraged and arriving travelers questioned at border.

Worldwide: WHO says disease spreads easily but isn't pandemic. European Union health commissioner urges Europeans to postpone nonessential travel to U.S. and Mexico.
{via chron.com}


mallory said...

i hope you are washing your hands every two seconds down in the lone star state. that is pretty freaking that they are advising agagint travel to mexico and the u.s. in europe.....

grams said said...

And now in Park City UT