BYU Commencement - Thursday, April 23rd

Ryan and Mallory walking into Commencement. So cute. Thursday was Commencement where all graduating come to hear the speakers and be presented. Then the next day on Friday there were separate Convocations in which the different schools would divide up into smaller groups so each person could walk up and get their diploma. It was a busy couple of days! :)

A view of BYU's Marriot Center. About 6,000 were graduating this Spring.

This guy thought he might get a little bored so he decided to pack his 15 1/2 inch laptop in his pocket to bring out and discreetly play a little solitaire through the whole thing. What!! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I'm guessing that BYU might be one of the only colleges where there is basically a stroller 'parking lot' with chains attached so they don't get swiped. And if I had a nickle for every little baby dressed in a tiny cap and gown that was carried up on stage by their graduating parent to get their diploma, I would be a rich woman.

Little Scarlett. All snug as a bug in the rug. She was such an angle the whole weekend.

Mom, Dad & Mallory.

We ended the day with a yummy Thai meal at Thai Ruby. It is always funny eating at that restaurant because I used to live right behind it in an old apartment when I was at school 18 years ago! It used to be a Mexican restaurant then.

(from left to right - my sister Carly, little baby Scarlett, my mom and my sister Megan)


andrea said...

Fun times....and those were a lot of graduates!

As for laptop solitare guy....I guess even if it was a commencement at the "Lord's University", it wasn't church , so it was okay?! :0

And people steal strollers? At BYU? SERIOUSLY?!

Clayton, Megan, Monet and Scarlett said...

That was really fun. I'm glad we were able to be there together!

Tiffany said...

Great pics! I love the pic of Scarlett!

Congrats to Mallory!

Stroller parking...REALLY? TOO funny!!

And when I first looked at that computer pic...I thought he was playing poker...now that would have been FUNNY!! lol

I'm glad you had fun, and everyone enjoyed you being there...I'm even more glad you're back!!

grams said said...

Great coverage of the weekend. So fun to have you here. Scarlett is a wonderful baby, and we all got to enjoy her so much.