My bad.

OK. I'm getting in trouble again for not updating my blog. And I totally agree. It is sorely lacking! It makes me sad. My life is totally different now and it has taken a good couple of months of adjusting...

For those of you who don't know - I'm a working woman again. It is true that I still am at home, but actually it makes it even harder that way! Especially when you have to stop every hour to change a poopy diaper and re-attach a velcro super hero cape to a 3 year old. All while getting hit repeatedly by a 'light saber' of some sort... And working in your jammies and no bra is not all its cracked up to be. I think next week my goal will be to add showering to my daily routine. I think it will make me feel better. :)

I started working for a risk management company auditing insurance certificates. I now spend 6 hours a day pouring over very confusing documents, inputting data into an online system, participating in conference calls with colleagues and arguing with insurance agents while trying to get the correct information in place on a certificate to prove adequate insurance coverage. I now have a plethora insurance knowledge floating around in my brain! Yea! But - all kidding aside it has been a real blessing. Who wouldn't like to make good money while being able to stay home with the kids. I REALLY appreciate the opportunity and wouldn't change it.

Aside from not having spare time to do the things that I enjoy anymore - mostly blogging and reading - I hate to be on the computer for fun now after spending stress-filled hours on it daily. It's like I have developed a bit of a phobia to getting on it at night. It's weird.

Lots to update. Birthday parties, Christmas pictures, new babies... and lets not forget the bad-A Monster Truck Jam the other night. Those pictures are priceless! Check back soon!

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grams said said...

I knew you were working but had no idea how much. Happy for you and sad for us who look at your blog daily.... good luck with the time and stress. So happy you are home with the kiddies.