Monster Jam

(This is kind of an interesting little thing for those of you familiar with Houston... I am standing on a balcony at Reliant Stadium where the Texans play and taking this picture. You can see the Astrodome in the top left of the picture. They built the new stadium in the parking lot of the Astrodome.)

Last Saturday we took the boys to see Monster Jam. It was so much fun. We met our friends Adrienne and Travis and their little boy Grayson at their house downtown, had pizza nd then rode the Metro Rail to the stadium. The kids had a blast and were fascinated by the whole thing and Robert keep looking at me asking if I had any hand sanitizer. It was pretty funny. I kept feeling like I was going to need to ear-muff-it for the kids at any moment. Parker was so excited to go that he had me wash his 'I Dig Dirt' shirt so he could wear it. After he got dressed and while he was waiting for us to leave he was sitting next to me and I could tell he was thinking... And then he just laughed to himself and said, "I get it mom. It's like a little joke." He realized that his shirt was funny and had a double meaning.

We missed Demi, but she was spending the night with her cousin Sammy and was so excited and it was kind of nice to be able to take the boys out by themselves. They were so cute. Putting their arms around each other and stuff. They never do that when Demi is around because they are always fighting for her attention.

After we got off the train we started walking to Reliant Stadium and when we were half way there we heard the engines start up. Wow! Was it loud! It was awesome. The first thing I did when I walked through the doors was yell at a person who worked there to ask where they were selling ear plugs and he just shook his head at me because he couldn't hear me. Luckily the first booth I walked up to sold them for a buck each. So I bought them, put them in the boys ears and we were off to our seats. That's when I noticed everyone carrying their own headphones around. It was so funny. There would be a family with 5 kids and they would each be carrying their own headphones in all different sizes. Even the little toddlers would have them. You know - like the ones fighter pilots wear. Big, bad-A, full-on headphones to block out all sounds. I kept laughing to my self picturing what it would look like if my family was with us. I could totally see my mom, Megan and Carly wearing some handpicked red ones that were bedazzled with their initials or something. And Monet and Demi would have little pink ones on. Mallory might have some on, and if she did they would be just some ugly ones that she didn't care about and my dad would have some perfectly clean, shiny black ones on.

Yep. It was a fun night! Who knew there was a whole Monster Jam sub-culture? I didn't. But I am now proud to say we are part of it! :) Next time my mom comes all the pretty pictures on the walls of my house are going to be replaced with posters of Monster Trucks. Rock on! :)


Kinsey Pistorius said...

how fun! what a great event to do with boys and it looked like everyone enjoyed it. very cool! :)

Texas Tingey said...

I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS! Brady told me the monster trucks would be here....Maybe next year when I am not prego we'll hit the Jam. I started going to those shows when I was a senior in high school, and I was hooked and went to every jam that hit SLC, and even some of the dinky ones in St. George as often as I could. I love, love, love, monster trucks and it use to be my dream to build my own truck and then show Grave Digger how it's really done! LOL
BTW, SUPER CUTE HAIR!!!! I mean, I only live on your same street so you'd think I'd have seen it in real life, not on a blog. I love it! You look great!
Thanks for sharing the pics. Glad y'all had fun.

Clayton, Megan and Monet said...

Fun! I went to that once, it was awesome. I love how smart Parker's comment about his shirt was.

Mallory said...

how fun....I love that parker was giggling at his shirt. he is so smart! next we will be there rocking out for rascal flats!