Penguins & Minions

Parker came home from school last week talking all about incubation and regurgitation. He is studying penguins in school. I know I am his mom - but he is just smart! I don't care who ya are! :) He remembers everything. All it takes is one time. I look forward to seeing how he progresses as he gets older and further in school. Now he walks around like a daddy penguin carrying his egg on his feet while 'incubating' it.


It cracks me up how Demi and Parker now use Carson as there little minion. For instance, he just ran in the house and quietly by me, which is my first clue that something is brewing... Then I heard him run outside and scream, "I got the blankets guys!" and then Demi and Parker started cheering... The funny thing about this is that they KNOW they are not allowed to take the family room blankets that have just been washed out into the backyard with all the Texas 'razor-blade' style grass that sticks to everything - especially fleece blankets! But it was so darn cute I couldn't say anything. It makes Carson feel loved and important to be used and abused! :)


Mallory said...

seriously so funny! i can just see him coming in all sneaky like and stealing the blankets! cutie patotie!

Tiffany said...

That cracks me up!! So funny!! Ahhh...I miss them...seems like I haven't seen them in forever!!