First School Picture

I don't know what kind of silly face Parker is making in this picture, and even though I think it's darling, he had re-takes this morning. I had to post it though because I think it looks just like his Uncle Jimbo in the Christmas picture above. He often reminds me of Jimbo, so it is funny to see this photo because Jimbo was the same age in that picture that Parker is now... maybe a little older.

I can't wait until Parker and Jim can hang out at Christmas and play some Nintendo together! :)

* I am so mad, but I forgot to scan Demi's before I sent them back today for her re-takes. So you will just have to wait for her new pictures.


tHe BrOwn FaMiLy said...

He's getting so big! What a cutie.

Melissa & Jim said...

I love that picture! I still don't like smiling with my teeth showing, so there's nothing wrong with the closed-mouth smile in my mind!

I can't wait to play Parker in a game of Mario Kart on the DS. Im' not afraid to cheat to win, so he had better watch out!

Mallory said...

haha, it looks like my close mouth smile from my childhood........that is funny!