Auntie Lo Lo's

There are a million things I should be doing right now, like getting ready for a Spongebob party - but I can't help myself. I'm just getting started on the old Christmas pictures. I have a ton that I have been saving until the holidays to post!

I love this one. It was taken at one of my mom's favorite stores in Albuquerque in 1986. I remember that day. And I remember the rad shoes that I had on. They were black and SUPER pointy with a silver buckles. Exactly like a witch's shoes. I had them in a bright turquoise too. I loved them! I am sure those shoes had nothing to do with the toe surgery I had a couple of years later to remove part of my toenail because of my bad ingrown toenails... Yuck! Back to the delightful Christmas picture! I was 14, Carly was 9, Jim was 6, Megan was 4 and Mallory was 2 months. I wish I could go back in time to see Mallory that little again. It makes me get all teary-eyed.

My sisters keep asking how I have all of these neat old pictures... And the answer is that I steal them from mom! And then she gets mad when I post them and she realizes that I have them and then I have to collect them all in a ziplock baggie to take back to her. Just wait until I get back from Utah this time! I am gonna have awesome pictures to post for months! :)

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