Redi-Clinic. The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Here are a few pictures from our little Strep adventure a couple of weeks ago... We have these great new clinics called Redi-Clinics in a few of our local HEB Grocery Stores. They are the best invention ever! The stores are beautiful and these clinics are new and nice and clean. They are very inexpensive if you have no insurance and if you do have insurance they take that also. And they are open nights and weekends.

These pictures are of Demi and Carson's visit on a Saturday morning... We got there about 30 minutes before they opened because there is usually pretty long wait times. By the time they opened there were about 5 people in line behind us. A couple of days before this I went and waited over 2 hours. But you would wait longer then that in an ER - so I think its worth it!

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mallory said...

they look so cutely sick......strep throat is the WORST feeling!