Halloween 2oo8

Our friends Stephen and Cindy brought their kids over for chili and trick-or-treating. Here is Robert getting his 'chili' on...

Cindy and I had to wear our witch hats and Stephen kidded that he was dressed up like a UT student. Here he is with half of his little boys costume on...

The kiddos and their costumes. I have been putting off posting these pictures because they are horrible. I am so mad I didn't get good ones. They are blurry and over-exposed. Oh well... You can see their costumes at least.

Here are Tyler and Jordan. They are such cute kids.

The next day... an early morning snack. My philosophy - get it all over with and dump it fast! :)

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Mallory said...

they look so cute in their costumes.....and roberts was seriously HILARIOUS...probably one of the funniest costumes i saw this year!